I’ve been appointed as the International Commercial Director for Repellar™, the cleanest, greenest, highest performing footwear product on the planet. Anyone who has met me knows I’ve been a massive trainer fan/sneaker geek since the early 80’s and have a ‘few’ pairs so when I was introduced to Repellar™ by my long-standing client and friends at LiquidNano, I was hooked.
I’ve tried every footwear protector out there over the years but 1 single application of Repellar™ lasts for up to 6 months & it’s 5 x stronger than the market leader. Even better – it’s not been tested on animals, contains no CFCs and has biodegradable packaging. I’ve tried it on my Adidas, rare Nikes, even Gucci and Russell & Bromley suede loafers and it works…really well

Repellar™ want to have a 100% sustainable product by 2023, adding a biodegradable bottle then launching our new cleaning product, BioSativa (Green Apple Award Winners) – a stunningly effective cleaning product which is non-polluting and water-soluble with no negative impact on plant, animal or marine life

Metrovicks will take on the global marketing campaign for Repellar™ so as I go on this amazing new journey my team will be part of it - Saving the planet one step at a time - launching May 2021