Repellar™ are thrilled to announce our newest collaboration with "Eazy Kickz", the ultimate in sneaker trading.

Ian, better known as "Eazy" is the owner and founder of "Eazy Kickz". As a stiff sneaker collector himself, Eazy left work to follow his passion in trainers. A personal experience trying to purchase a particular pair of trainers led to a realization that the only way to do this was through resell... Eazy saw a gap in the market and "Eazy Kickz" was born.

Eazy Kickz collect, trade, buy and resell hype sneakers, in fashion Jordans, Yeezys and more.

Eazy Kickz ethos is "to give it back to the people that want it the most", so follow the link and let Eazy hook you up with the freshest kickz available.

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