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How does Repellar ™ work?

Repellar ™ is based on DiOX D3, a highly advanced liquid-glass nano coating technology specifically designed to protect all types of fabrics. During the application process, nano scale Silica Dioxide particles become attached to the individual filament’s of each fiber of the footwear fabric. This creates a Super Hydrophobic coating effect and gives Repellar™ it amazing durability. Repellar™ lasts longer because it becomes physically embedded into the fabric rather than sitting as a layer on top of the fabric, which is how other similar but much less durable products work. 

Which materials can Repellar ™ be applied on?

Repellar ™ is effective on all fabrics and suede. IMPORTANT NOTE. Repellar ™ is not as effective or durable on smooth leather. 

How many pairs of footwear does one order of Repellar ™ product work on? 

One order of Repellar ™ will allow you to cover two pairs of footwear.

How do I apply Repellar ™? 

Step 1 – Ensure the footwear is clean.

Step 2 – Take any laces out of the footwear.

Step 3 - Give the Repellar ™ sachet a snip in one corner and pour the contents into the 100ml empty bottle.

Step 4 – Fill the bottle with water but leave a little space – don't fill it right to the top. Give the Repellar ™ liquid and water a vigorous shake for 20 seconds.

Step 5 – Spray the contents of the bottle on your footwear and massage into the material. Soak the entire footwear completely with the solution.

Step 6 – Allow 3 hours for the protective layer to act and dry. The footwear should feel 100% dry before you start the heat treatment with a hair dryer.

Step 7 - Begin the heat treatment on your footwear with a blast with a hair dryer all over. 

IMPORTANT NOTE* The temperature of a hair dryer is often higher than that of a standard dryer, so please be careful. The hair dryer also only heats a small area at a time, so make sure you warm the entire surface area of the footwear. It’s best to blow dry in sections, making sure you’re not holding the hair dryer closer than roughly ten centimeters to the footwear.

Can I use Repellar ™ on my hat? 

Yes, Repellar is effective on all fabrics. Follow the same instructions as with the application to footwear. 

Will Repellar ™ effect the breathability of my footwear?

No, Repellar ™ has no effect on the functionality of the footwear.

My footwear has a hole in it, will Repellar ™ still work?  

Yes, it will cover the rest of the footwear. Please follow the application instructions. 

What is the shelf life of Repellar ™?

Once the liquid has been mixed with water the shelf life of the product is 48 hours

Can I wash my footwear once Repellar ™ has been applied and activated? 

Yes, you can. One of the most unique aspects of Repellar™ is that the footwear can be hand or machine washed up to ten times, depending on the fabric. For machine washing we advise selecting the ‘Eco Wash Program’ to save the planet and your kicks as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE* Please ensure that all footwear is treated with heat again after washing, as described in the instructions. 

How long will Repellar ™ last after I have applied it to my footwear? 

Repellar™ is extremely durable, however, its effectiveness can be diminished by excessive wear and tear and/or depending on how often the footwear are worn or washed. We recommend reapplying Repellar™ every 6 months, but durability will ultimately depend on individual usage.  

Queries regarding deliveries

We aim to dispatch your order the same day if ordered on a weekday before 12pm. If you do not receive your order within 5 working days, please contact our Customer Support Team

I have spilled Repellar ™ – what do I do?

No action is required. Repellar ™ will not affect any surface and can be wiped or will naturally evaporite over time. 

Repellar ™ has not worked on my footwear, what can you do?

Repellar™ is effective for 6 months. In the unlikely event Repellar™ appears to have not functioned, please contact our Customer Support Team.

I am interested in stocking Repellar ™, how do I do this? 

Please send an email direct to our Customer Support Team and a member of our Sales Team will get back to you within 48 hours. 

What are the environmental benefits of Repellar ™? 

Repellar™ uses 50% less chemicals than similar brands, no aerosol and is completely CFC free. Our packaging is biodegradable and the plastic used is re-useable. 

I have Repellar ™ on my skin/swallowed it. What do I need to do?

If the instructions are followed correctly at no point should the liquid touch your skin or be ingested. In any event there should be no side effects from skin contact or if swallowed as Repellar ™ is not normally an irritant, however please refer to the First Aid Measures below. 


 1. General measures Take off all contaminated clothing immediately. When in doubt or if symptoms do not disappear seek medical help. Inhalation - Remove patient to fresh air-move and out of dangerous area. If symptoms persist seek medical attention. Skin contact - Take off all contaminated clothing. Wash affected skin areas thoroughly with plenty of water and soap. If feeling unwell seek medical help. Eye contact - Immediately flush eyes with running water, keeping eyelids open. If irritation persists, seek professional medical attention. Ingestion - Rinse mouth with water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Do not provoke vomiting, seek medical advice first. Consult a physician. Show the physician the Safety Data Sheet or label.

2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed Inhalation - Excessive exposure to spray mist, fog, or vapor may cause respiratory irritation. Cough, Sneezing. Skin contact - Contact with skin may cause irritation (redness, itching). Eye contact - Contact with eyes can cause irritation (redness, tearing, pain). Ingestion - May cause abdominal discomfort. May cause nausea/vomiting and diarrhea.   

Can I use Repellar ™ on customised shoes?

Yes, you can. Please follow application instructions.

What is the Repellar ™ returns and refund policy?

We do not accept returns or provide refunds, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on the Website. Please make sure that you’ve carefully read product description before making a purchase.

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